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Magic Mile

Orion 5

The 5th leg of the East London fiVe Interclub Series - ELVIS - Hosted by Orion in Epping Forest saw

 19 Da88ers representing the club on this hot summers morning, with the gents team coming 4th on the day and the ladies 7th . Scoring for the men we had

Gary Coombes            31:22

Nigel Swinburne         31:26

Paul Prior        34:25

Mick Brown    37:56

Nils Hollmann 39:25

Gary Cardnell 40:41


The ladies scoring team consisted of:


Rahana Islam  43:04

Emma Dudman           44:43

Hannah Sheikh            47:17

Timi Veerasamy          48:16


Also representing the club were

Ian Cummins   43:45

John Power     48:17

Louise Chappell          49:33

Rosina Salmon            51:31

Caroline Cummins      53:41

Sara Prior        54:39

Sam Veerasamy          58:59

Sharon Robinson         62:36

William Metcalfe        64:54




Last 2 fixtures are Barking Bank Holiday 5k 29th August and Valentines 5k 25th September


Olympic Magic Mile

Dagenham hosted a Summer's fun evening with 49 athletes taking part in a mile trial over 3 legs: fast, medium and steady... Results below.

Nigel Swinburne 5:17

Jeff Webster 5:25

Robert Woodgate 5:34

Ethan O'Brien 5:40

Joel Denning 5:45

Richard Dudman 5:46

Paul Prior 5:47

Ben 6:10

Tony Woodgate 6:15

Les Nottage 6:18

Tom Sargeant 6:22

Danny Allen 6:24

"New" Alan 6:26

Thomas Dudman 6:28 - Junior

Nils Hollmann 6:36

Manji Gami 6:42

Ryder Islam 6:52 - Junior

Ian Cummins 6:53

Rahana Islam 6:56

Gary Cardnell 7:01

Kirstie Woodgate 7:04

Sue Godfrey 7:05

Hannah Sheikh 7:18

Micky Pegnall 7:37

Louise Chappell 7:58

Amy Dudman 8:10

Aon Sheikh 8:16

Owen 8:19

Timi Veerasamy 8:20

Zena Sheikh 8:28

Jacob 8:33

India 8:34

Sharon Robinson 8:34

Kelly DT 8:34

Jacqui Elliot 9:02

Chloe Shine 9:13

Sarah Horne 9:23

Charlene 9:40

Julie Dalphonis 10:12

Juie Cardnell 10:31

Tanya 10:40

Janet 10:44

Jennifer 10:44

Abigail O'Shea 10:51

Kerry Defreitas 11:00

Sam Veerasamy 11:04

Ingrid Woolford 11:04

Sarah Pegnall 14:03


There was also the 4 x 400m relay, which due to numbers (36+, 9 teams) and the fading light, meant full results were not available. Richard Dudman 7:20, Jenny Akroyd 11:28, Rahana Islam 11:44 and Ian Cummins 11:59 also took part in a beverage mile, which was interesting.


Finally for Yolanda Ceveira's charity challenge 29 brave souls linked legs for a 30 legged race which had to be a minimum of 40 metres, but was upped to 60 metres to be sure. The result was a giggle filled shuffle to the finish line and much fun had helping Yolanda with her challenge. Good Luck Yolanda.


Dublin Rocks


David O'Brien took part in the Dublin Rock & Roll 5k 30:08 & 10k 63:58 earning 4 medals for his troubles: One for each race, one for doing both races and one after doing Liverpool Rock & Roll Half in the Spring. Blingtastic!


BHF 10k

Claire Broadley, graduate of the Dagenham 1st Steps program which started in May, completed her 1st 10k at the Victoria Park BHF 10k in 66:48.


London Triathlon

The largest triathlon in the world saw Da88ers compete with friends from other clubs in this event based in Excel Centre with the swim in Royal Victoria Dock, Bike to Tower Hill and Back and the run along the Thames. With Olympic (1500m, 40km, 10km) and sprint (750m, 20km, 5km) options available, all enjoyed the competition on this beautiful Summers weekend.

 Results as follows:




Richard Dudman 02:16:55

Mark Jermey 2:40:31

Jenny Akroyd 2:52:14

Manji Gami 3:05:48

Rahana Islam 3:57:48

Jane Swanson-Sprent 4:19:04



Suzanne Easley 1:57:25

Stephen Easley 2:13:05


Paul Suett took the bike leg in the Olympic Relay with his team coming 1st out of 120.


parkrun Roundup 



Martin O'TOOLE 26:23

Julie DALPHINIS 35:54



Jamie AUSTIN 28:18

Luke SUMMERS 28:19

Julie CARDNELL 33:50

Jacqui ELLIOTT 37:03

Sarah PEGNALL 46:38



Thomas DUDMAN 22:06

Richard DUDMAN 22:07

Tania FIRMAN 37:57



Caroline TUCK 22:00


Barking & Dagenham Junior parkrun

Thomas DUDMAN    8:43     Dagenham 88 Runners

Ryder ISLAM 8:52     Dagenham 88 Runners

Joshua CHUKWUMA           14:38  

Mona Lisa CHUKWUMA     14:46  

Annika CHOWDHURY        15:58   Dagenham 88 Runners

Alisha O'DONNELL  16:05  

Freddie PALMER      17:14   Dagenham 88 Runners

Faith ANORUO         17:54